African Lens is an independent publication featuring and celebrating African photographers both in the motherland and across the diaspora.

African Lens publication aims to showcase and share the diverse, balanced and true story of Africa.

Most stories told in western media about the continent of Africa leaves negative connotations, It’s Africa’s turn to change the narrative and tell our own stories. Its Africa’s turn to portray the Africa we know, the Africa we see and the Africa of our dreams.

Whether maintaining the African heritage in foreign land or exploring new ideas, no matter what we do or where we go, Africa is embedded in us all.

African Lens publication shines a light on the beauty,rich and diverse cultures of Africans both in the motherland and those who have migrated to foreign lands to pursue their dreams.

African Lens is devoted to be a staple for African photographers to share their stories. 

Create a community forum for communication and creative expression.

To inspire, help and give direction to African creatives and talents.

African Lens is designed and curated by Ghanaian-born visual creative
Aaron Yeboah Jr.   

African Lens publication is an initiative under Aaron Yeboah Jr’s creative agency 2dots Space.


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