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If you don't like
someone's story, write
your own.

Chinua Achebe

 For decades, the west and majority of the world have told the story of Africans from their perspective not from ours.  Most stories told in western media about the continent of Africa leaves negative connotations, It’s Africa’s turn to change the narrative and tell our own stories. Its Africa’s turn to portray the Africa we know, the Africa we see and the Africa of our dreams. 

African Lens shines a light on the beauty, rich and diverse cultures of Africans both in the motherland and the diaspora.
Beyond publication, African Lens is devoted to be a staple for African photographers to share their stories. Create a community forum for communication and creative expression.
To inspire, help and give direction to African creatives and talents.  We are looking forward to the next phase that is, exhibiting across Africa. 

We need your help to tell the African story through photographs in all the parts of our beautiful continent and beyond. We plan on hosting an exhibition in all aspects of Africa (North, East, West, Central and Southern Africa) with photography from African Lens publication. We begin with phase one in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2016, then Morocco (North Africa) , Ghana (West Africa)  and finally Kenya (East Africa). 

Besides exhibitions, we will have talk sessions to connect and interact with the people. Our aim is to be hands on with the people, share ideas and knowledge, learn from each other, inspire and empower each other. 

In every country we visit, we will work on original ediotiral projects that will put a spotlight and attention on important and untapped aspects of Africa. We will collaborate with the native photographers, document the experience and build more material for future publications.

As photographers and creatives, we believe in the power of visual storytelling thus, using photography as a voice and platform to tell a true, diverse and balanced story of the motherland. 


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