"Your body is woven from the Light of Heaven.” - Rumi

I am not really sure if the mystical Rumi gave any kind of technological meaning to this quote, but one sure thing is that nowadays everyone is starting to realize that light is not just
a matter of higher state of consciouness, to become consciousness again, but also can be a reliable source
of electrical energy. 

Amusingly, I was sent to a place of Morocco in the Anti-Atlas mountains, familiar to me since my roots are from there,
for a photo-work. The point is, that light was the center of my photographic reseach, in 3 dimensions : light as a photographer, light as a source of energy, and last but not
the least : light as the divine attribute, light as consciousness and finally god for mysticals.

It has to do with an experimental solar grid, the kind of ones most of countries that have a high average of solar parameters, are starting to install massively to study
a possible independance from oil energy.

This time, it was installed in an old mystic islamic monastery. Light light light. Greenpeace and a Moroccan start-up were managing it and would try to give to the whole a village a certain energetic independance. I was really touched by the way the guys from the monastery were just getting used to their new solar panels and the way they would take care of it.

 Tafraout, Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Northern Africa

Understanding, at their own level and dimension, that light has something magic to it. I am not sure if they really understand the photoeletric effect, but somehow they were not surprised that electricity could be created these deep blue solar panels.

I was feeling alone, Am I the only one seeing the duality of it?
In the sufi tradition, there is a concept, related to Bouddhist Nirvana called Al Fanaa, the extintion of the ego. The coming back with the totality of reality. It happens when one stops paying attention to what light reflects in his mind, and start feeling that one dissipates and become one with light instead.

This technological improvement within a mystical place brought me back to my very first thoughts regarding light, being a photographer means to focus on what light reflects.

In this context, I was elated to create a continuity between objects reflected by light, but also by light itself, since the monks within the monastery were trying to become light, again. The loop is closed.

Zakaria Wakrim


Cape Town


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