African Lens is an independent publication and media platform featuring and celebrating
African photographers on the continent and across the diaspora. African Lens aims to
be a staple for African Photography, setting the bar for photographic journalism, documenting/archiving stories and empowering African photographers and storytellers.   


We are on a mission to change the narrative
of Africa and globalize African Photography.

African Lens provides an inclusive platform for photographers and creatives to share their creative expressions including but not limited to photography, documentaries, and stories.

African Lens serves as a bridge between communities, cultures, and people within Africa and the diaspora.

African Lens publication celebrates history through archival of our stories, experiences, and cultural preservation while contributing to the documentation of our evolving culture.

African Lens creates and leads forums that encourage dialogue, problem solving, learning, and unlearning under the supervision of respected figures in the industry.

African Lens supports and empowers photographers by connecting them to global brands and meaningful, narrative-led visual projects, providing them the tools to succeed in the industry and ensuring that their work is protected.


African Lens annual publication pulls together photographers and storytellers from across the motherland and diaspora.

African Lens provides several ways of looking into the continent, all from the eyes, and lenses, of African Photographers. Each page is carefully curated and engineered to share each photographer’s perspective.

African Lens publication shines a light on the beauty, richness and diversity of African culture. African Lens publications take readers on a visual journey, the publication has been intentionally omitted to create an open window into the world of Africa.


Aaron Yeboah Jr


Yeboah Junior is a Ghanaian visual designer currently living and working in Accra, Ghana. Since 2010, Yeboah has constantly embarked on projects and endeavours that push creative boundaries, especially in Africa.

Using design as a tool to inspire, educate and inform, Yeboah’s primary mission is to deliver innovative cross-platform solutions to communication and visual design and be a creative force in Ghana, Africa, and beyond. 

Kwabena Subramaniam Owusu

Innovation Lead

Subramaniam is an experimentalist with a blend of practical experiences in design, product development, cloud computing, startups, community building and management, and visual storytelling (photography). He helped found five Google Developer Groups across Ghana as a Chapter Lead and Country Mentor while consulting for and mentoring startups and creative enterprises. Subramaniam is a DevOps Engineer and an avid photographer who loves to explore everyday life, culture and traditions, history and spaces. He believes in arts, technology and simple acts of kindness. 

Joana Pomaa Chemel

Co Director

Joana Abena Pomaa Chemel is the co director of African Lens. For her professional life, she is the Program Coordinator of the Ghana Design Network which seeks to develop the ecosystem of Design and Creative Business Services in Ghana.

Joana also works in the international trade and development sector as a project officer for the Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) and a Young Expert in training in collaboration with and the Netherlands Africa Business Council (NABC) under the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Young Expert Programmes (YEP) focusing on Agro Food and Water projects. She has experience in managing projects, multi-level stakeholder management, administrative work market research and event organization. She enjoys growing her personal and business network across borders to experience, learn, share and work in cross cultural learnings.

T.J. Letsa


An adventurer and entrepreneur at heart, Jonathan is Managing Director of Scribe and also lead for the Compliance Department. Prior to joining Scribe, he was legal trustee and company secretary at Trustee Services Limited a subsidiary of the prestigious law firm Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah. His work with leading global companies ranges from corporate governance, company compliance, Board Related topics and end-to-end transformations. In his current management role at Scribe, he provides guidance to entrepreneurs, CEOs and various executives on their business objectives. If he’s not obsessing over Scribe deliverables, you can find him photographing, enjoying art and developing his passion for the creative arts. He lives in Accra, Ghana with his wife and lovely daughter.

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Raquel Wilson

Chara Itoka

Carla Olympio

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